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Shaq tries to slam Stephen Curry, fails with misspelled shirt (pic)


Shaquille O’Neal took to social media in an attempt to take a potshot at Stephen Curry. Unfortunately, it arguably fell somewhat flat for somewhat embarrassing reasons.

In a tweet posted Wednesday morning, a beaming Shaq modeled a shirt that featured the misspelled message, “The Real Unaminous MVP,” along with O’Neal’s trademark logo, clearly a rip on Curry’s being unanimously named NBA MVP this past season.

Oops. That’s a shame.

As noted in an ESPN article, O’Neal nearly became the first player in NBA history to be voted unanimous MVP in 2000 but came up just short, garnering 120 of 121 first-place votes.

As it stands, Shaq appears to be reveling in Curry coming up short in winning an NBA title in spite of being unanimously named MVP.

But the real non-MVP of this story? Whoever was in charged of spell-checking Shaq’s shirt before its printing. It’s safe to way we can all “unaminously” agree upon that notion.