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‘Brutally honest’ Brian Cashman understands Yankees could be sellers


New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman isn’t ready to concede the team should be sellers at the Aug. 1 trade deadline. But he nevertheless indicated his “brutally honest” nature will compel him to throw in the towel on the season if and when the writing is on the wall.

Discussing the prospects of whether the Yankees will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline ahead of Tuesday’s 8-4 loss to the Colorado Rockies that dropped the team to 34-36 on the season, Cashman indicated that while the team conceivably could turn things around, time is also running short as well.

“We’re not going to be a seller unless ownership green lights it,” Cashman said, as transcribed by’s Joe Giglio. “So I don’t have any number in my head (of games back in order to make a decision). If we feel at a date in the future that is a necessity, trust me, I’ll recommend it. I’m always a brutally honest person. If I see things, I’ll communicate them. But again, we’re in June.”

Cashman’s view on the prospects of the Yankees getting back on track are somewhat less enthusiastic than Hal Steinbrenner, who is far more optimistic, saying the progress the team has made in the last month gives him hope that the team can still make the postseason.

Cashman wouldn’t divulge whether he’s ever recommended being sellers to ownership leading up to a trade deadline. But when asked if Steinbrenner is more receptive this year to the notion of throwing in the towel this season, Cashman made it clear in his comments that’s not the case. But he recognizes why the questions are coming.

“We’re created the atmosphere to force people to have this kind of dialogue,” he said. “So, I get it. Maybe it gets frustrating, but the real frustration part is to have the under performance last long enough to create the atmosphere to create the questions.”

Following Tuesday’s loss, the Yankees sit six games back of the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East. Concerning the buyers vs. sellers debate, it arguably won’t be too much longer before the writing is on the wall one way or the other.