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Joe Torre won’t say whether he’s invited to Derek Jeter’s wedding


Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis finally will get married on July 2 in Napa Valley. While the guest list of course is being fiercely protected, it hasn’t stopped the media from querying presumable invitees whether they will be in attendance.

Joe Torre, Jeter’s longtime manager with the New York Yankees, was asked recently if he made the guest list for the nuptials of the superpower couple.

“No comment on that,” Torre said Monday night at a charity event in Manhattan, via

Jeter and Davis have been together three years, although there were rumors of a potential breakup at one point in time. Still, Jeter eventually confirmed the engagement after rebuffing rumors that began to surface last October about a future leap into matrimony, saying at the time, “I’ve always felt as though your private life is private.”

The superstar swimsuit model Davis was shortly thereafter spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring while out on a stroll. Jeter finally confirmed he was engaged, albeit in a sly manner, by mentioning it as an aside in a heartfelt column penned for The Players’ Tribune … about his dog.

Despite all the uncertainty — not to mention Jeter’s longstanding reputation as a ladies’ man — it appears the couple finally will tie the knot. And Torre couldn’t be happier.

“Very happy for him,” Torre said. “He’s a special kid. I still call him a special kid even though he’s in his 40s.”

But did Torre score a much coveted invite? Odds are he did, but clearly don’t count on him saying anything about it.