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LeBron James finally divulges ‘secret motivation’ to win NBA Finals


When the Cleveland Cavaliers reached the NBA Finals last year, LeBron James mentioned he had a secret motivation inspiring him to lead his hometown team to a title.

The superstar steadfastly refused to divulge exactly what was behind his cryptic comment, but now that he has successfully made good on his promise to bring a championship to Ohio in spectacular fashion, James has decided to reveal this so-called secret motivation.

Well, in a manner of speaking.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin discussed a conversation he had with James following the Cavaliers’ 93-89 Game 7 triumph over the Golden State Warriors and indicated that it had something to do with how one unidentified member of the Miami Heat organization questioned his decision to return to Cleveland.

“He told me that, actually, when he left Miami and people who he grew to, he thought to, have trusting relationships with – he said, I’m not going to name names, but someone told me that you’re making the biggest mistake of your career,” McMenamin said, via a tweet from The Undefeated, by way of Pro Basketball Talk. “And he said it really hurt him. Basically, he felt taken for granted. Like, Look, I just gave you four years of my prime, and you’re not going to be comfortable with my decision and root me on? You’re going to make me feel bad going out the door?”

The prevailing suspicion is that James is referring to Pat Riley, hardly a surprising notion given previous comments made by the Heat president following James’ departure from Miami (here and here).

While Riley’s reaction to James returning to Cleveland was understandable in many respects, it apparently added even more fuel to James’ fiery obsession to lead the Cavaliers to an NBA title. And after coming up short last year, James has fulfilled his quest.

What happens from here regarding James’ NBA future going forward really is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned.