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Of course Tom Brady loves Stephen Curry’s ugly new shoes (pic)


Tom Brady took to Facebook Thursday night during the NBA Finals to demonstrate that unlike pretty much everybody else on the Internet, he’s a big fan of Stephen Curry’s new sneakers from Under Armour.

Because of course he does … and for good reason.

As the New England Patriots quarterback settled in to watch Game 6 between Curry’s Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, he gave a shout-out to Curry’s new kicks by showcasing them in a post to Facebook.

That’s awfully nice. And given the Bay Area-bred Brady is a big Warriors fan, perhaps it’s not surprising he’s backing Curry.

But then again, there’s much more to the story.

Those not familiar with Brady’s many high-profile endorsement relationships — UGGs anyone? — may not be aware that he has presumably a very lucrative partnership with Under Armour, the athletics outfit that just so happens to be the business behind Curry’s much-maligned shoes.

Let’s put it this way: Given the absolutely savage reaction to Curry’s new shoes, it’s nice that Brady took one for the Under Armour team. But let’s see after one night wearing the ugly sneakers if Brady opts for a different pair of kicks when he settles in for Game 7 on Sunday.