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Team goes fishing, ‘catches’ player in flooded infield during rain delay (vid)


Videos documenting the great lengths baseball teams will go to amuse themselves during rain delays are often a source of much amusement and often go viral on the Internet. The latest entry may be one of the better ones yet.

Members of Minnesota’s Jackson County Central Legion baseball team recently passed the time during a delay by going “fishing,” during which they “hooked” one of their teammates in the “fishing hole” that was the flooded infield.

The gang had a tough time bringing in the lunker, so the use of a net was necessary … and implemented with great angling expertise.

The original video was posted to the Twitter account of Easton Barr.

As noted in the above tweet, Barr felt the footage amusing enough to call it to the attention to the official Twitter accounts of several ESPN outlets. As luck would have it, someone operating ESPN’s official Instagram account elected to re-post the video, writing, “If your game gets rained out, go fishing instead.”

Since it was posted two days ago, the video as of Friday afternoon has garnered over 1,500 comments and 648,000 views, outpacing videos posted by ESPN from the NBA Finals.

Viral, indeed.

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