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Jason Pierre-Paul accident serving as warning to rookies about free time


The traumatic events of last summer involving Jason Pierre-Paul are being used by New York Giants veterans to warn the team’s younger players about the possible risks inherent to having too much free time.

The New York Giants defensive lineman obviously understands all too well how down time can turn into a potentially drastic situation, as he nearly saw his NFL career come to end with a grisly fireworks accident last Fourth of July that left his right hand mangled and irreparably damaged.

Now that most teams’ offseason activities are coming to an end across the league — leaving a lot of time for players to be on their own — the painful lessons learned by Pierre-Paul is being utilized as an ominous warning for the younger players on the Giants’ roster.

“Remind them that they’ve worked their entire life to get to this position and find themselves in one of these buildings, and how it could be taken away so quick,” Rashad Jennings told the New York Post Thursday following the Giants’ final minicamp practice. “You know, take advantage of it. It goes a long way when you hear it from players more so than coaches, so we have some veteran leadership that [took] the time to make sure we’re preaching it in the locker room ourselves.”

As Giants veterans were issuing their warnings, Pierre-Paul took to Instagram to not surprisingly state he’ll never forget the events of last summer.

“Just know I REMEMBER, and I will never FORGET!!!” Pierre-Paul wrote.

It’s worth noting that Pierre-Paul reportedly plans to have a role in some PSAs leading up to July 4th to warn children about the dangers of fireworks as well.

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