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Bartolo Colon huffs and puffs and chugs his way to double (vids)


If you think Bartolo Colon is only about the long ball when it comes to fantastically comical demonstrations of his occasional hitting prowess, well, you’d be wrong.

During Thursday’s New York Mets-Pittsburgh Pirates tilt at Citi Field, the portly pitcher showed that by hitting doubles he can be just as entertaining.

It certainly appears some of his Mets teammates were just as amused as the rest of us with Colon’s epic, marathon-like huffing-and-puffing-and-chugging trip to the second base bag.

That gives the term “legging out a double” an entirely new meaning.

What’s most amusing by the above video evidence of Colon’s double is how he carried his bat practically halfway down the baseline to first base. Although his quest to reach the third base bag — after exerting so much energy mere moments beforehand — wasn’t bad, either.

Also worth noting: Colon ultimately scored on a sacrifice fly. Fantastic.

While Colon’s odyssey around the bases was indeed a sight to behold, the fact that he pitched 7 2/3 innings while striking out eight and only allowing 2 earned runs in the Mets’ 6-4 victory — improving to 6-3 on the season — signifies that the the ageless 43-year-old pitcher still has the stuff whenever he toes the rubber. And then there’s this statistical nugget:

Quite impressive, indeed.