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Todd Bowles says he’s done talking about Ryan Fitzpatrick


The negotiations between Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets have turned into a protracted and embittered battle that seemingly has no end in sight. Given Jets head coach Todd Bowles has little real control over the situation and needs to focus on players actually on the team, he has drawn a line in the sand, telling reporters he’s done talking about the free agent quarterback.

“With all due respect, I’m through talking about Fitz,” he said, via “I’m going to worry about the guys I have on the team. I think I’ve expressed and said everything about the quarterback that I’m going to say at this standpoint. Until I get to training camp and see what happens, I’m pretty much done talking about it.”

In the interim, Geno Smith has been anointed the presumed starting quarterback as he’s been taking first-team reps throughout the Jets’ offseason workouts.

Bowles’ insistence Thursday that he’s done discussing the Fitzpatrick stalemate comes on the heels of him essentially stating that at some point the Jets will have no choice but to cut bait and move on with Smith.

“It’s a ticking clock. You have time until you don’t have time,” Bowles said, via the New York Post.

Meanwhile, reports emerging this week suggest that if the impasse between the Jets and Fitzpatrick reach a point of no return there’s a distinct possibility of the team bringing in another veteran quarterback into the fold.

It’s understandable that Bowles is becoming increasingly frustrated by having to continually discuss a player not even on the team’s roster, even if the assumption remains that the Jets and Fitzpatrick will eventually agree to terms on some kind of contract.

But until a deal actually comes to fruition, Bowles should expect more questions about Fitzpatrick to come his way. The only other way out of it is for the Jets to announce Fitzpatrick will not be returning to the team.