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Jerry Jones says he won’t run for president, doesn’t want the publicity

jerry jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for some reason proclaimed Wednesday that he has no interest in running for the highest office in all the land. While the notion that he needed to announce that was strange enough, the reason Jones provided as to why he would never want to be President of the United States is far more curious, even baffling.

Simply stated, Jones wouldn’t want all the attention associated with such a high-profile position.

When asked during an interview on 105.3 The Fan, Jones was asked if he has ever aspired to make a run at the presidency.

“No,” Jones said, laughing, via the Star Telegram’s Drew Davisson, by way of Pro Football Talk. “Because I don’t want any publicity.”

Obviously, Jones was poking a little fun at himself and his bigger-than-life persona with that comment. If there’s ever been a more attention-seeking, publicity-craving NFL owner … okay, there’s never been one.

Jones took on a more serious tone eventually while mentioning the challenges even a presidential nominee faces in a bid for the White House.

“It’s a hard job and it takes a lot as witnessed by the two potential nominees that we have for each of the major parties,” Jones said. “You not only work hard, but you give up a lot and you get criticized a lot. I didn’t want that, so that’s why I took up being general manager and president of the Cowboys. . . . They’ve got to have some pretty thick skin.”

Jones refuse to endorse either of the presumptive nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but did say he was “so proud” of Clinton for her expected history-making nomination.

But all that publicity, though? Quite frankly, Jones isn’t interested in all that drama. Obviously.