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High school ballplayer explains dab after fouling ball into crotch (vid)


Dan O’Reilly, a junior baseball player at Henry Sibley High in Mendota Heights, Minn., is learning firsthand how a painfully embarrassing but ultimately hilarious experience can almost instantly transform a person into an Internet sensation.

O’Reilly was playing in a section championship game Monday when he fouled a 1-2 pitch directly into the most sensitive of sensitive areas.

The unfortunate carom left O’Reilly in a great deal of pain, as evidenced by his reaction, something that included throwing off his helmet, grabbing the affected area and ultimately dropping to the ground.

“I watched the slow-motion and I hit off the bottom of the bat,” O’Reilly told the Star Tribune. “I have never done that before and I don’t think I ever will.”

But what happened next is what turned the teenager into a viral sensation. After composing himself after the painful experience, O’Reilly decided to loosen up and bust out a quick little dab, popularized by it being Cam Newton’s celebration of choice (that is until next season).

“I wasn’t really thinking about it. I figured better show that I’m all right and I wanted to get a reaction,” O’Reilly said of his improvised dance move. “I just did that really quick. I’ve been known to do that. I guess that’s my go-to.”

The ballplayer admitted he had a suspicion the videos would go viral.

“When the video came out, I was thinking it would be spread around,” O’Reilly said.

And so it has. So it has.

It’s also good news to learn that Reilly was no worse for wear as a result of the incident. He even explained his quick recovery in another interview with a Twin Cities media outlet.

“I got home, grabbed a bag of frozen peas and was good to go the next morning,” he said, via the Pioneer Press.

A happy ending, to be sure. In some respects.