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Eric Decker makes bawdy comment about wife Jessie James Decker


Eric Decker made news a few weeks ago when he skipped New York Jets OTAs, purportedly in protest over the team’s unwillingness to play ball with Ryan Fitzpatrick on a contract, although he has denied that was the motivation behind his absence.

Instead, the wide receiver opted to spend some time with wife Jessie James Decker on some beach or another.

Decker again was absent this week, missing Wednesday’s OTA session, but the reason had more to do with his domestic life than his professional one.

Decker was in Nashville to his escort wife, a country music singer and songwriter, to the Country Music Television Awards. And he clearly was impressed how his better half looked at the event, hinting in a bawdy manner to what he had planned for later in the evening.

“My haaawwwtttt date tonight! she’s gonna get it later,” Decker said of his wife in an Instagram post.

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Sweet Sassy Molassey. That comment might fall in the Revealing a Bit Too Much Department. Although that’s hardly out of the ordinary for this particular power couple.

On a more serious note, Decker did express his thoughts on the ongoing Fitzpatrick Saga, stating he believes the team and the quarterback will iron out their differences eventually, a position that falls in line with his previously stated wishes.

“I believe it’s Fitzpatrick,” Decker said on NFL Network, via the New York Post. “Right now, it’s business and they’re so far off in dollar amount, but Ryan wants to be back, they want Ryan back. Something is going to happen. It might be before training camp, the day or two before, but I believe that he’ll be back on the team come this fall.”

While that’s all well and good, the morale of the story is that Decker has no qualms discussing his late-night dalliances with his wife. That’s something. But again, nothing should shock us about the Deckers at this point.