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Did Cavs fan intentionally elbow Steve Kerr’s daughter in the head?


Margot Kerr, the wife of Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, took to Twitter Wednesday night to accuse a Cleveland Cavaliers fan of intentionally elbowing her daughter Maddy in the head during Game 3 of the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena.

The incident in question allegedly occurred when a t-shirt was thrown into the stands. The purportedly unruly Cavs fan allegedly seized upon the opportunity to take a cheap shot at Kerr’s daughter, at least that’s how Kerr’s wife saw it.

Maddy Kerr then chimed in on Twitter as well over the alleged cheap shot.

Some Cavaliers fans caught wind of the Kerrs’ tweets and replied, one of which attempted to sarcastically downplay the situation. Margot Kerr responded in kind, pointing out that Maddy was actually injured during the incident while pointing out her daughter is a Division 1 athlete (Maddy plays volleyball for the California Golden Bears).

Another Cavaliers fan emerged on Twitter to apologize for the alleged actions that occurred during Cleveland’s 120-90 throttling of Golden State to win their first game of the series.

The Cavaliers have now made the Finals a series. Down 2-1, Game 4 is Friday, once again at Quicken Loans Arena. Hopefully, if the Kerrs’ account of what occurred during Game 3 is indeed accurate, a similar ugly scenario doesn’t play out again at Game 4.

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