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Yan Gomes becomes latest MLB catcher to suffer testicular injury


Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes became the latest casualty of a burgeoning epidemic in Major League Baseball involving players at his position suffering an incredibly painful testicular injury.

Gomes suffered his nightmarish experience during the second inning of Tuesday’s game against the Seattle Mariners when a foul tip off the bat of Dae-Ho Lee caught him in the worst spot on his body.


Yep. Right there. Like a crotch-seeking missile that ball. Not surprisingly, Gomes left the game after trainers had a look-see at him. For those to have see it in all its disturbing glory, video can be found here.

Gomes was diagnosed has having a testicular contusion, a painfully cringe-worthy-sounding injury.

Indians skipper Terry Francona reported on the fallout of the unfortunate incident after the Indians’ 7-1 loss to the Mariners before putting it all in its proper perspective.

“We sent him to the hospital to get an ultrasound and he’s still there,” Francona said, via The News Tribune’s Bob Dutton “He hasn’t had the ultrasound yet and, hopefully, we can get (some information) fairly soon.

“I don’t think he’s probably having the best night of his life.”

Now that the understatement of the baseball season.

As noted above, there appears to be a growing epidemic involving MLB catchers suffering horrific testicle-related injuries. Just last week, Baltimore Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph had to undergo surgery after getting blasted in the balls by a foul tip. A trip to the disabled list followed.

And if you ask just about any male, that’s just plain nuts.

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