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Karlos Dansby: If he were Johnny Manziel, he would have killed himself


Karlos Dansby showed sympathy for former teammate Johnny Manziel in a somewhat strange manner by suggesting that if he have had to deal with the enormous pressure the currently unemployed quarterback has faced he would have killed himself.

“I probably would have committed suicide. Ain’t no telling what would have took place,” Dansby said. “I couldn’t handle none of it. Nobody in that building could handle any of that pressure that man was under.”

Dansby, who made the comments during an appearance on “The Jim Rome Show” on Tuesday, is now a member the Cincinnati Bengals but spent two seasons as Manziel’s teammate on the Cleveland Browns, also suggested that Manziel has the character to rise above the adversity, controversy and tremendous career setbacks, arguably most of which were self-inflicted.

“Because it’s specifically for him, and that’s how God designed it,” Dansby continued. “That’s his pressure, only he can handle that. You can only put so much on you that only you can handle. [God’s] not going to give you more than you handle, so he can handle it, I couldn’t handle it, and I told him that to his face. I couldn’t handle what you’re going through right now, I can’t. I can’t live that for you.”

Dansby’s contention that Manziel can “handle” all the pressure is a dubious claim, given how the quarterback seemingly cannot escape an increasingly troublesome downward spiral, one that has left him virtually unemployable at this stage.

Dansby also discussed how he believes Manziel has to endure adversity — again, arguably mostly self-inflicted — because it’s going to “propel him towards his destiny, whatever that may be.”

But the 34-year-old linebacker insists he will support Manziel in any way needed, saying, “Johnny is my guy.”

“Whatever happens, whatever takes place, if he needs somebody, he can always holler,” he said. “I got his back.”

At this stage, Manziel obviously has much more pressing issues to resolve before even considering making a push to resurrect his currently doomed NFL career. At least it seems that the 23-year-old still has some people who continue to believe in him.