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Juan Uribe jokingly reaches for fan’s hot dog after foul ball chase (vid)


Cleveland Indians third baseman Juan Uribe nearly succumbed to a case of the mid-game munchies when he jokingly reached for a fan’s hot dog after a jog to the stands to chase down a foul ball.

The tomfoolery occurred during Tuesday’s tilt against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. A foul pop-up from Mariners designated hitter Adam Lind prompted Uribe to chase it down toward the seats near the third base line. The ball harmlessly fell into the stands but the chase led Uribe to lean over the railing, coming close to a fan who happened to have a hot dog in their lap.

Temptation nearly got the best of Uribe.

Uribe’s whimsical desire to nosh on a hot dog actually prompted the fan to offer up the frankfurter. Uribe politely declined and returned to his position in the infield.

Indians skipper Terry Francona stated Uribe’s joking was simply business as usual for the 16-year veteran.

“He’s always smiling,” he said via’s Zack Meisel. “He’s been there and done it many times. I know that when he talks, they listen. Everybody enjoys him. I mean, how could you not?”