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Yasiel Puig, Jared Goff make peace at Dodger Stadium (pics)


Any notion that there could be some residual bad blood between Yasiel Puig and Jared Goff — due to some social media shenanigans dating back to 2013 — has completely been put to rest as the two Los Angeles-based professional athletes made peace during a hangout session at Dodger Stadium.

Goff, taken by the Los Angeles Rams with the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, grew up a San Francisco Giants fan, setting the stage for some awkwardness in his new hometown. But a tweet issued by the quarterback in 2013 specifically calling out Puig added to the potential for the two athletes not to be all that chummy.

After Goff was drafted by the Rams, Puig tried to dispel any belief that the two couldn’t become fast friends by taking to Twitter to welcome the quarterback to Los Angeles, a post that included the now-famous #PuigYourFriend hashtag.

With Puig’s openness to burying the hatchet serving as a backdrop, when the two athletes met for the first time at Dodger Stadium Monday, everything clearly was hunky dory, as evidenced by a tweet from the Dodgers, which made reference to a new Puig-esque hashtag now added to the lexicon.

As far as any possibility that the two wouldn’t get along during their meeting, Goff made it clear it was all in the past.

“We made up a long time ago, but it was good to talk to him,” Goff said, via ESPN. “He’s a real cool guy. It was funny. It was something I tweeted when I was like 17 years old. He thought it was funny and it’s cool to be down here. It’s a good chance to meet him through that crazy way.

Goff also took to Instagram to document the meeting. He also took some batting practice during his visit to the ballpark.

All told, it was a pretty great day at the ballpark for an entrenched L.A. superstar and a young man aspiring to become one.