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Vikings’ Laquon Treadwell apologizes for wearing Raiders hat (pic)


Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Laquon Treadwell caused himself a little bit of trouble among the team’s fan base after he posted a video to Snapchat last week where he was wearing an Oakland Raiders hat.


Vikings fans quickly pounced on the fashion faux pas, quickly condemning Treadwell for wearing any other NFL team cap outside one representing the team that just selected him 23rd-overall in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Once Treadwell realized how his Raiders cap was rubbing his new fans the wrong way, he decided to delete the post. He later addressed the mini-controversy with USA Today’s Tom Pelissero.

“I was just wearing the hat and it got blew up and I was just like, ‘Wow,’” Treadwell said after Tuesday’s practice. “I can’t focus on that, though. I’ve got to take my focus off that and get back to the field. I told the fans I apologize or whatever. I just don’t want no negative (feedback). I kind of got a lot of it. But it’s understood.”

The Vikings of course have an unfortunate history with the Raiders, losing to them in Super Bowl XI in 1977, one of the team’s four losses in the big game. Although it’s unlikely anyone ripping Treadwell for his social media antics remember the loss, much less were even alive at the time.

Treadwell was asked if he burned his Raiders cap, as was suggested by some on social media. He said he did not, saying two negatives — the first being wearing the hat in the first place and burning said cap the second — doesn’t result in a positive.

In the end, the rookie wideout understands why he received so much negative feedback about his decision to rock a Raiders cap. He also praised Vikings fans while admitting he’s still getting to know the oft-rabid fan base.

“They’re cool, pretty cool,” he said. “Haven’t learned much yet. They’re passionate, though. I know they’re passionate about the Vikings and this tradition.”

(screencap image via The Viking Age)