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Patriots fan flips the bird while posing for photo with Roger Goodell (pic)


Given his integral role in the seemingly endless Deflategate drama, it’s hardly surprising that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is considered Public Enemy No. 1 by New England Patriots fans, not to mention Boston-area sports fans as a whole. But it takes a special kind of person to seize upon an opportunity to express Patriots fans’ collective distaste for Goodell while posing with him.

A Patriots fan was presented with a photo-op with the Commish at Jim Kelly’s charity golf tournament this week. In a bold move, said fan flipped the bird while standing next to an obviously unaware Goodell.

While it’s obviously fair for a Patriots fan not to hold the Commissioner in high regard, flashing one’s middle finger while standing next to Goodell — who was gracious enough to pose for photo — at a charity event, while comical, arguably was in poor form. Although given how bad it’s got for Goodell as it relates to his disturbingly horrible standing among Patriots fans, a middle finger arguably isn’t all that bad.

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