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Joe Flacco, Ravens teammates hold ‘Bachelorette’ viewing party (pic)


Joe Flacco and a handful of his Baltimore Ravens teammates got together on Monday night for some must-watch television viewing. Well, at least as far as they see things.

Flacco, wide receiver Daniel Brown, kicker Justin Tucker and tight ends Dennis Pitta and Nick Boyle apparently are huge fans of the ABC reality series, “The Bachelorette.”

Brown documented the viewing party with a couple of photos posted to Twitter.

Looks like a grand old time. The rose emoji in the tweet obviously was a nice touch. And the fact that Flacco was involved shows that he’s definitely elite when it comes to reality show viewership. Or something.

Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan is one of the contestants on the show, which provides from some quasi-tangential reason for an NFL player to pay attention to the reality series. But the Ravens’ connection to the show runs even deeper.

The winner of the 2003 edition of the show, its first season, was Ryan Sutter, a former pick of the Ravens who never cracked the team’s official roster. And on this season’s installment, the cousin of Ravens running back Justin Forsett joins Jordan Rodgers as a contestant.

Still, a bunch of male professional athletes tuning into a reality show that for all intents and purposes is skewed toward a female-centric audience? While strange, it isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Perhaps the best part of the viewing party, though, is that a tweet from Tucker about the evening elicited a response from the official Twitter account of the show.

Tucker then responded in kind.