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Dodgers use songs from ump Joe West’s music career as walk-up music


The Los Angeles Dodgers were either trolling umpire Joe West or paying tribute to his side gig as a country music singer by using his songs as their walk-up music during Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Braves.

West has two albums to his credit: “Blue Cowboy” and “Diamond Dreams,” released in 1987 and 2008, respectively. The longtime ump has had the honor of performing with country music icons Merle Haggard and Mickey Gilley and even once played at the Grand Ole Opry, according to Hardball Talk.

When asked about the decision to use West tunes as walk-up music, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts insisted it was done with only the most honorable intentions.

“You noticed that? That was a little ode to the cowboy,” he said, via ESPN.

Roberts added it was Chase Utley’s idea, but lamented the team couldn’t track down enough tracks.

“We could only find six songs, though, so we had to kind of loop them,” he said. “I think Joe enjoyed that.”

Roberts probably was correct in that assessment, as West reportedly was seen chuckling over the tribute on the Dodger Stadium video board.

Whether West’s country crooning had anything to do with it, the Dodgers did score three runs in their 12-6 win when walking up to the umpire’s music before the players changed back to their original music.

But it was certainly fun while it lasted.

(Photoshop courtesy of Cut4/Twitter)