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Warren Sapp explains why he took offense to Timmy Jernigan tribute


Warren Sapp made some waves on social media recently when he complained about how Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Timmy Jernigan was changing his number to 99 in tribute of him. Now the Hall of Famer is explaining why he took such great offense.

Curiously, it turns out it was all over a lack of communication. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sapp recently claimed that he is miffed over how Jernigan failed to communicate with him after exchanging text messages following the 2014 NFL Draft, when the Ravens lineman was drafted 48th-overall in the second round.

“That was the last conversation I had with the young man,” Sapp told the Pewter Report, via ESPN. “So for someone to say, ‘Hey, I want to pay tribute to someone, and I have their phone number,’ I would think you might want to try and call that person and say, ‘Hey dawg, I was thinking something …’ You know what I am saying?”

Sapp replied to a tweet from the Ravens in which Jernigan’s decision to change his number originally was reported

Sapp evidently decided to reach out to Jernigan after his draft stock plummeted following a positive drug test, something that similarly impacted Sapp when he was drafted as well. Sapp offered to help Jernigan but never heard back after the first communication.

“So after that went down, I placed a text message and a call to him and said, ‘Listen, son, now your career takes off. It’s not where you are drafted, it is what you do after you are drafted that make a career,'” Sapp said.

Sapp’s most recent comments arguably don’t paint him in a positive light, something that shouldn’t be surprising given the self-inflicted setbacks the former NFL star has suffered since his retirement, with some troubling incidents leading to him losing his job as an analyst at the NFL Network.

When asked what he would have said had Jernigan reached out to him, Sapp suggested the young player shouldn’t ride on his coattails.

“Go out and make a name for yourself for you,” Sapp said. “Don’t go and use a first-ballot defensive tackle that you will now be judged against. Are you kidding me? Who signed up for that?”