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J.J. Watt razzed by teammate over shirtless social media post (pic)


J.J. Watt drew a lot of attention over the weekend by posting a photograph of himself shirtless on social media in which he showcased his physique.

The Houston Texans superstar — no stranger to causing stirs on social media — seemed a bit embarrassed about the photograph. He also was on the receiving end of a little razzing from teammate Kareem Jackson over the much ballyhooed photo.

“I was trying to get abs like you, K-Jack,” Watt said to Jackson, who was sitting in on his press conference, per ESPN.

After noting that Watt was practically naked in the pic, Jackson opined, “I’m glad I didn’t see that yesterday. I would’ve given him hell.”

Watt then became extremely uncomfortable discussing the photo — which Watt insisted was a candid pic and not from a photo shoot — pointing out it proved to be a flattering image, not a representative one.

“You know when like the light catches you at the right angle and you’re looking like – I was like, ‘OK, well that has to go out,'” Watt said. “You don’t look like that every day. When it’s out, it’s out. It just happened to catch — I don’t know, I was in the right light. I had something close to abs. Doesn’t happen that often. I like food too much.”

When asked to reveal the craziest response elicited on social media because of the photo, Watt was hesitant to say.

“You can’t say that in a press conference,” he said. “I’m not allowed to say. People are wild on social media, they will literally say almost anything. It’s getting hot up here.”