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Rob Ryan echoes brother Rex: ‘Bring Belichick on. We got him’


It clearly didn’t take long for Rob Ryan to pick up a thing or two from brother Rex about the importance of putting a bulls eye on one Bill Belichick, even months before the season begins.

During a joint Q&A the Ryan brothers had with, the topic of the New England Patriots head coach — a frequent thorn in Rex Ryan’s side throughout his head coaching career — invariably came up.

“Bring Belichick on,” Rob said in the interview published Friday. “We got him.”

Rob served as an assistant under Belichick during the 2000-03 seasons and now is working under the title of assistant head coach/defense on brother Rex’s Buffalo Bills coaching staff. He couldn’t help but throw down the gauntlet during the interview concerning the two showdowns the Bills have with the Patriots next season on Oct. 2 and Oct. 30.

“All the respect in the world for Bill Belichick,” Rob said. “That was fantastic training working for him for four years, and I learned a ton.

“Look, he is the No. 1 nemesis of every coach in this league. So it’s not just Rex. Now, I think if you ask their offensive staff, the worst they ever play is against Rex. People say, ‘Well, he hasn’t beat them [nine out of the last 10] tries.’ Yeah, well, he has beat the hell out of that offense. I am sure the respect is mutual.

“But I know one thing, we are going to beat them. We are together, we’re going to beat the best. It’s two against one. Him one on one against any coach in the league, that guy is pretty damn good. And he’s also got his best buddy Tom Brady with him. He trained him, and he single-handedly made him great as well.”

Belichick of course is all too familiar with the brash Ryan bravado, highlighted by several outrageous stories about Rex from his tenure as head coach of the New York Jets, something that is expected to continue in Buffalo now as well. The only difference is there are two Ryans now bringing the trash talk.

With that in mind, expect the rhetoric to be that much more intense during Bills-Patriots weeks in seasons to come … although it warrants pointing out that said rhetoric probably will continue to be one-sided.