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Matt Harvey loses endorsement gig to Jacob ­deGrom, Noah Syndergaard


Matt Harvey’s nightmarish start to the 2016 MLB season and the subsequent media firestorm took another turn for the worse when it was revealed he has lost an endorsement gig with AXE hair products … only to be replaced by New York Mets teammates Jacob ­deGrom and Noah Syndergaard.

Tweets from AXE, deGrom and Syndergaard on Thursday confirmed that the long-haired Mets pitchers have become the hair-care component of men’s male grooming products company’s newest spokes athletes.

Despite the perceptively convenient timing of AXE dropping Harvey as the pitcher has struggled mightily on the mound so far this season — 3-7, including posting losses in his last three decisions while posting a 6.08 ERA overall — the company says one had nothing to do with the other.

“We had so much success with Matt . . . that we wanted to extend the conversation to styling, and his teammates were a perfect fit,” a rep said, via the New York Post.

While it is true that AXE couldn’t find two more suitable candidates to promote their products given the long, flowing locks of both ­deGrom and Syndergaard, it nevertheless has to sting a bit for Harvey to learn that not only has he been replaced by the two young pitchers as the potential aces of the Mets staff, they are now moving in on his endorsements.

Snydergaard recently mentioned he’s growing tired of talking about Harvey’s pitching woes, and it’s hard to blame him. Hopefully, the three pitchers — Harvey’s anecdotal story about first meeting deGrom notwithstanding — can at least make peace about Thursday’s off-the-mound developments.