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Wade Boggs wears Yankees World Series ring at Red Sox ceremony (pic)


It will be difficult to determine short of the MLB great confirming it one way or another whether it was an intentional slight or not, but the fact that Wade Boggs wore the World Series ring he earned as a member of the New York Yankees to a ceremony at Fenway Park probably won’t sit well with Red Sox Nation.

Boggs, who played for the Boston Red Sox in the first 11 seasons of his 18-year career, was on hand at Fenway for a ceremony honoring the 1986 team, who of course lost to the New York Mets in the World Series.

The Hall of Famer of course didn’t experience World Series championship glory until after his time in Boston had come to an end, either was rubbing it in by wearing the ring he won with the Yankees in 1996. Given the rivalry that exists between the Red Sox and Yankees, that’s some serious stuff right there.

Either that’s some Grade-A trolling right there or an example of being completely tone deaf.

Who knows? Perhaps Boggs was in the midst of trying to match his (apparent) mind-boggling accomplishment of drinking 107 beers in one day on Wednesday or something. Anything’s possible.

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