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Teddy Bridgewater surprises young fan who wrote rap about him (pics/vid)


Obadiah Gamble, a six-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan and huge Teddy Bridgewater fan, received a huge surprise Wednesday night when the quarterback showed up at his house for an impromptu and unannounced meet-and-greet.

Gamble previously had drawn the attention of the Vikings quarterback courtesy of a rap song posted to YouTube last week. The song, entitled, “Hey Teddy,” is all about Bridgewater and some of the lyrics served as a means to uniquely invite the quarterback to young Obadiah’s upcoming birthday party: “Hey Tedd-ay! Hey Tedd-ay! Won’t you wanna come to my birthday!”

With the Vikings wrapping up OTAs at the end of the week, it was unclear whether Bridgewater would make it to the party, but he did retweet Gamble’s previous invites on a few occasions. Not only that, Obadiah’s mother told FOX Sports that the Vikings were going to send some signed Bridgewater items to her son.” She also confirmed it didn’t appear certain that Bridgewater would be in attendance on Sunday.

Imagine Gamble’s surprise on Wednesday night when none other than Bridgewater himself showed up to meet the rapping superfan in person.

In a word, awesome, on all fronts. From young Obadiah’s budding rap skills to Bridgewater’s thoughtful gesture, kudos all around on this one.