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Mike Napoli ridiculed by teammates over faceplant slide (vids)


Cleveland Indians first baseman Mike Napoli executed one of the most embarrassingly hilarious slides in recent memory when he went face-first — literally — into third base following a triple in Tuesday’s 6-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox.

Napoli was no worse for wear as a result of the comically awkward attempt at making a head-first slide into the third base bag, which of course meant his teammates proceeded to have a field day with his epic faceplant.

Spotted in the dugout the next day during the Indians’ 4-3 victory of the White Sox were photographs evidencing Napoli’s inept faceplant slide.

Before anyone feels too sorry for Napoli over the razzing from his teammates, it’s plainly evident he has a very good sense of humor over the slide, as Jason Kipnis posted a photograph to Instagram showing the slugger wearing a neck brace in the clubhouse before Wednesday’s game.

Good stuff. If a person can’t laugh at their own amusing mistakes, well, a bunch of their colleagues will probably mock and ridicule them enough anyway.

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