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Brad Ausmus’ meltdown hoodie fetches $5,000 at auction


The hoodie and cap Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus utilized as improvised props during a fantastic meltdown earlier this season has fetched $5,010 in an auction on

Ausmus not surprisingly was ejected from the ballgame as a consequence of his histrionics during a Tigers’ victory over the Minnesota Twins on May 16. The Tigers skipper unleashed a barrage of expletives on umpire Doug Eddings during the fourth inning before removing his hoodie and placing it on home plate.

“There was a culmination of a lot of things,” Ausmus told reporters after the game, via ESPN. “As far as the blowup, there comes a point when you get seven or eight guys coming back from home plate complaining about the strike zone — they can’t all be wrong.

“I was angry and I just kind of unraveled.”

Ausmus later donated the hoodie and the cap to the Detroit Tigers Foundation. The items were then put up for auction on

The listing on the auction site noted that the “neither item has been washed since the May 16 game and both items show dirt consistent with being placed or tossed on the field.”

The $5,000 raised will all go to charity with proceeds benefiting the Tiny Tigers tee-ball program funded by the Detroit Tigers Foundation, per Cut4.

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