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Tony Romo on ‘supportive’ Jerry Jones: He’s ‘like a dad’


Tony Romo and Jerry Jones have been essentially connected at the hip throughout the quarterback’s entire career with the Dallas Cowboys organization. So it’s hardly surprising that Romo considers the Cowboys owner as a father figure of sorts.

During an interview with’s Meredith Land, Romo and wife Candice discussed the familial atmosphere fostered by the Joneses within the Cowboys organization.

When asked to characterize his relationship with Jones, Romo made it clear he appreciates the way the Cowboys owner has treated him throughout his career. He also added how Jones’ wife Gene also contributes to the comfort level.

He’s so supportive. It’d be like a dad who’s just always supported you and rooted for you,” Romo said. “He has to make tough decisions at the same time. I’m in an easy spot. I’m the player; I get to go play and everything. But he’s got to try and build an organization. Really the entire Jones family, but obviously Gene and Jerry have been very special to us. I think they’ve … they’ve just meant a lot, the way that they interact, go out of the way.”

Romo of course has become a frequent lightning rod for criticism whenever his play hasn’t matched the lofty expectations placed upon him to lead the Cowboys to championship glory. But each and every time Romo is portrayed in an unflattering light, Jones almost every single timeemerges to show his unwavering support for the oft-embattled signal-caller.

Meanwhile, on the field, the veteran quarterback is participating in Cowboys OTAs this week after going a surgical procedure on his shoulder after breaking his clavicle twice last season, injuries that torpedoed not only his season, but the Cowboys’ campaign as well.

Romo is remarkably positive heading into next season despite his injury setbacks last year, even joking that he feels like he could play until he’s 50. While that’s obviously not going to be the case, Jones has stated he expects a productive Romo for many years to come.

That’s certainly how a supportive father would feel, that’s for sure.