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Steven Adams suffered testicular contusion from Draymond Green kick


To say that Steven Adams is tough as balls would be a painfully understated assessment — although the terminology arguably is apropos — given that TNT’s Craig Sager reported Tuesday night that the Oklahoma City Thunder center suffered a testicular contusion after being kicked by Draymond Green earlier in the Western Conference Finals.

Commence cringing and awkwardly shifting in your chair, gentlemen.

The play in question where Draymond’s foot met Adams’ crotch occurred during Game 3.

Even Adams’ adorable and miniature doppelganger can’t believe what occurred.

Green was assessed a Flagrant 1 foul for the crotch shot during the game. The NBA upgraded the transgression to a Flagrant 2 after review, but Green wasn’t suspended for the kick, instead receiving only a $25,000 fine.

All that aside, one animated Thunder fan cleverly — and perhaps disturbingly — hoped for the best for Adams’ “kiwis” going forward.


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