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Phil Kessel razzed by Penguins over awkward interview (pic)


Phil Kessel has found himself the victim of some razzing over a humorously awkward interview he had recently with NBCSN’s Pierre McGuire.

During the post-game chat, McGuire asked the Pittsburgh Penguins star an oddly phrased question — “How’s your breath?” — which left Kessel believing it was being suggested that his breath stunk as opposed to an inquiry about his conditioning.

“It’s not good, eh?” Kessel replied, not understanding that McGuire wasn’t referring to a purported bout with Simple Chronic Halitosis.

Still, Kessel admirably handled the embarrassing moment, composing himself quickly and continuing the interview.

Kessel’s teammates weren’t about to allow the awkward scene pass without giving him some grief about it, so they did the most fitting — and hilarious — thing: Placed a bottle of mouthwash on top of Kessel’s locker.


Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan was later asked about the amusing prank.

“That’s part of being part of a close-knit team,” he said, via the National Post. “These guys, they don’t miss much. So when they have opportunities to have some fun with one another, I think that’s a good thing. I think it brings our team even closer together, and that’s an example of it.”

Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby similarly felt Kessel’s reaction to McGuire’s question — and the whimsical aftermath — was pretty great.

“First of all, I think it was funny, it was awesome,” he said. “I think that anyone being asked that question, I think we’ve all probably thought to ourselves, ‘How do you answer that?’ It’s kind of a tough one to answer and he handled it great. It was pretty funny. It’s probably perfect that it was Phil because he’s probably the one to handle it as good as that.”

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