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Ezekiel Elliott: Cowboys fans are ‘even more crazy’ than Ohio State fans


Ezekiel Elliott said recently that as far as fan bases go, he didn’t think they could be as rabid as the supporters of the Ohio State Buckeyes. But then he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and now is witnessing firsthand that the NFL team’s fans out-crazy even Buckeyes backers.

“I thought Ohio State fans were crazy,” Elliott observed during a live Q&A on Facebook, via “But Dallas Cowboys fans are even more crazy. Passionate fans, man. Very passionate.”

Buckeyes Nation is widely heralded as one of the most devoted fan bases in college football, so for the former Ohio State standout to be left wowed by the passion demonstrated by Cowboys fans in only a few short weeks is quite the statement.

Regarding the actual team, Elliott can scarcely contain his excitement to begin working with Tony Romo. When asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how eagerly he’s anticipating working with the superstar quarterback, here’s what Elliott had to say.

“I’d say a nine,” he said.¬†“He’s a guy who knows the game. I’m excited to go learn from him. We got a lot of vets on the team. It’s going to be nice to get around those guys and learn like what has made them be able to be in the league so long and why they’ve been able to be successful for such a long time.”

Elliott signed his rookie deal with the Cowboys on Wednesday, a four-year deal worth a fully guaranteed $24.9¬†million fully guaranteed that includes a $16.3 million signing bonus. It’s the biggest rookie contract signed by a running back since Trent Richardson in 2012.