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Bartolo Colon commemorative bobblehead has stomach that ‘bobbles’ (pic)


Bartolo Colon somehow became an even more popular and beloved figure in baseball by hitting his first career home run at the age of 42 a few weeks ago. The long ball heroics instantly became a part of the New York Mets pitcher’s mythology, if not all of baseball.

Among the tributes and celebrations commemorating Colon’s sudden — and short-lived — power surge is a new bobblehead. Fittingly, in light of Colon’s rather portly physique, the head on said bobblehead isn’t the only thing that wobbles. The belly on it does, too.

Clark Toys has started taking pre-orders for the unique Bartolo Colon Bobblehead, an offering from Forever Collectibles.


Big League Stew mentions it’s worth noting that the above image is simply a mock-up of the bobblehead, so it may differ in appearance once manufacturing of the item begins. But it’s reasonable to assume that both the head and belly will bobble on this bad boy.

Colon may be dealing with some pretty serious issues in his personal life away from the field, but a commemorative bobblehead demonstrates that he remains a fascinating personality on it, especially with a bat in his hand.

Colon has stated in the past that he takes it personally when people make fun of his always-entertaining at-bats. But given he provided a glimpse of his power during spring training and then showcased it in a real game against the San Diego Padres a few weeks ago, perhaps his next round-tripper will take a lot less time to happen than his first one.

Until then, we’ll always have this bobblehead to remind us of how Colon became even more of a lumpy legend.