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Wisconsin man says Aaron Rodgers’ hard counts are ruining football


A Wisconsin man has presumably run afoul of every dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay Packers fan in Cheesehead Land by suggesting that Aaron Rodgers’ patented hard snap count is ruining the game of football.

The gentlemen in question stated his case in a letter to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Huh. It would be interesting to see what this guy thinks of another one of Rodgers’ moves.

Essentially the man suggests that getting five yards by using the “stutter count” is dishonorable and an affront to fair play. But how much of a football fan can this guy be in light of the fact he spelled Rodgers’ name “Rogers.” That’s a huge red flag on his pro football acumen.

Perhaps most amusingly is the fan’s contention that not only are the Packers and Rodgers ruining the game of football, he takes it a step further by going all Helen Lovejoy on the topic by bemoaning the hard count’s negative impact upon children.

Suffice to say, this guy probably shouldn’t be hitting up any sports bars in Wisconsin anytime soon. Although it might make sense for him to contact this fellow letter to the editor-writing NFL fan and exchange their respective hot sports takes. It sure seems those two would see eye-to-eye on the supposed sorry state of the game.