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Texas mall display reenacts Rougned Odor’s fight with Jose Bautista (pic)


To say fans of the Texas Rangers are reveling in the aftermath of Rougned Odor landing “The Punch Heard Around The Baseball World” on Jose Bautista — an act of pugilism that resulted in an eight-game suspension — would be a tremendous understatement.

And now a display at an unidentified mall in Texas is having a field day with it, too.

A clever, clearly pro-Texas Rangers store created a display that showed an Odor jersey standing upright while a jersey of the Toronto Blue Jays slugger lies beneath it.

I haven’t laughed this hard over something involving a mall display since “Mannequin Two: On the Move.”

Bautista of course didn’t end up hitting the ground after Odor’s punch — a somewhat surprising result given the ferocity of the blow — but the message intended by the display is clear:

Don’t mess with Texas.