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NY Daily News reacts to Knicks’ hiring of Jeff Hornacek in typical fashion (pic)


The New York Knicks reportedly are closing in on hiring Jeff Hornacek. A photo surfaced of Knicks president Phil Jackson, general manager Steve Mills and Hornacek leaving a dinner meeting, an image — along with Hornacek’s potentially pun-tastic name — evidently proved to be an intoxicating combination for the wisenheimer headline writers at the New York Daily News.

In a bit of a reach, a sophomoric joke was cracked over the name — paired with the Zen Master and Hornacek appearing to make goo-goo eyes at one another, resulted in a backpage headline in Thursday’s paper that is so Daily News-ian it cannot be ignored.

An Austin Powers reference? What is this, 2002?

Hey, New York Daily News headline writers: Behave!

[H/T The Big Lead]