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John Elway has awesome reaction to Raiders’ Twitter trolling (pic)


The Oakland Raiders engaged in some Twitter-based trolling of the Denver Broncos this week, and John Elway’s reaction when confronted with the social media chicanery is about as good as it gets.

It all started on Tuesday when the NFL offered up the following tweet, providing the Raiders with the impetus to engage in some smack talk:

The wisenheimers that run the Raiders official Twitter account took issue with the notion that the Broncos defense still reigns supreme in the AFC West, so a little copy editing was in the offing:

The Broncos then issued a tweet featuring a photograph that clearly shows what Elway thinks of the Raiders’ contention that their defense is set to become the most dominant force in the division.

Enough said. At least one would assume. But that was not the case, as the Raiders then responded to Elway’s fantastic reaction:

There has been no response from the Broncos at this point, but suffice to say, it would have been hard to top Elway’s response.

It appears that the Broncos and Raiders will have to settle things on the field next season.

[H/T Eye on Football]