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Joe Maddon sports pink ‘If You Think You Look Hot, Wear It’ shirt (pic)


Joe Maddon appears to be turning his catchphrases into a cottage industry of sorts as evidenced by a tee shirt he rocked on Wednesday before the Chicago Cubs took on the Milwaukee Brewers.

Playing off a comment from the Cubs skipper during spring training regarding the team’s dress code, Maddon donned a pink shirt — featuring a flamingo, no less (which makes some semblance of sense) — featuring the fashion-forward phrase, “If You Think You Look Hot, Wear It.”

Indeed. Although the jury is still out if a pink shirt with a flamingo on it actually rises to the level of warranting a “look hot” comment. But there’s no questioning Maddon’s managerial acumen, though.

This most recent foray into message branding comes on the heels of another time a motto from Maddon ended up on a tee shirt. Earlier this season, word got out that the St. Louis Cardinals banned a shirt featuring the Maddon quote, “Try Not To Suck,” from being worn at Busch Stadium.

Suffice to say, Maddon — arguably one of the most eccentric managers in the history of the game — is one eminently quotable individual. It’s only a matter of time until another shirt celebrating a Maddon quote surfaces.

But hey, it’s all for charity.