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Oh my! Dick Enberg drops outrageous line over image of fat cat (vid)


Dick Enberg is one of the most beloved and respected sports broadcasters of all-time. He’s been at it for what seems like forever and his ability to drop a line like he did during a recent broadcast of a San Diego Padres game shows the old guy still has it.

During Tuesday’s game against the San Francisco Giants, Enberg was confronted — for some reason — with the image of a very, very fat cat. That’s when Enberg nonchalantly dropped a truly outrageous — if not inadvertent — line about the chubby feline.

Yep, Enberg said, “That’s a plump p—y right there.”

As the iconic broadcaster might say himself, “Oh my!” And the seemingly endless and awkward silence that follows is what makes the entire scene so phenomenal.

It’s impossible to ascertain whether Enberg was slyly trying to stick such a line in there with some sense of mischievousness or if that’s simply how he refers to a cat. Probably the latter. Either way, incredible.

Enberg announced he will retire from calling Padres games following the 2016 season. That’s a shame. After all, this isn’t the first time Enberg has amused us with his deviously devilish talk.

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