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Should Von Miller, Broncos be upset with ‘Madden’ franchise? (pics)


It was announced Thursday by EA Sports that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski landed the coveted — or dreaded, depending on one’s view of supposed curses — cover of “Madden” NFL 17.

While there’s no disputing that Gronkowski is worthy of such an honor, the Denver Broncos organization arguably has at least one reason to have sour grapes over Von Miller, a presumptive favorite, getting passed over for the cover.

In fact, the Broncos even took to Twitter to articulate the disappointment.

Fair enough, but Miller, himself may have an even better claim to be surly over “Madden 17,” , at least with the promotional team at EA Sports in charge of supplying some of the initial screenshots from the game.

As noted by Sporting News, Miller — the reigning Super Bowl MVP — arguably was done a great disservice by EA Sports due to the fact that two of the first three screenshots teasing the game feature him … and aren’t very flattering. Not at all.

von-miller-madden-17-2 von-miller-madden-17

Regardless of such an evident affront came to be, Miller and the Broncos probably will just have to move on from the perceived slights. Perhaps this image will help them do just that:

Okay, probably not.