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Bartolo Colon doesn’t homer against Clayton Kershaw, decided to ‘rest’


Bartolo Colon’s sudden, shocking and apparently short-lived “power surge” ended Thursday night. But is it conceivable that the 42-year-old New York Mets pitcher could have continued his long ball streak had he not decided to “rest” during his at-bat against Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw?

Well, probably not.

Colon of course homered for the first time in his long and storied major league career over the weekend, setting off a mad celebration, from the Mets dugout and beyond.

Fans were eagerly anticipating seeing if the ageless pitcher could keep the magic going against the practically unhittable Kershaw.

It turns out it was not to be. Not because Colon felt intimidated by Kershaw, or at least that’s not what he implied when saying he was too gassed from pitching in the bottom-half of the previous inning to take any of his patented power cuts against the Dodgers pitcher.

Colon struck out on four pitches without ever taking the bat off his shoulder to take a cut against the formidable Kershaw, who was on is way to a brilliant outing, striking out 13 while allowing only three hits en route to a 5-0 shutout victory.

“I wasn’t expecting to take any swings,” Colon said through an interpreter, via The New York Times. “The inning prior was a little long, so I was trying to get some rest.”

Colon’s decision to rest didn’t pay any dividends for him on the mound, though, as the portly pitcher surrendered five runs on seven hits over five innings for his first loss since April 9.

Colon has stated in the past that he takes it personally when people make fun of his always-entertaining at-bats. But given he provided a glimpse of his power during spring training and then showcased it in a real game against the San Diego Padres over the weekend, perhaps his next round-tripper will come in his next start.