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Lacrosse team accused of killing guinea pig to use blood as face paint


A lacrosse team at a Detroit-area high school has seen its season come to an abrupt end amid accusations that some members of the squad killed a guinea pig so they could use its blood as face paint in a twisted — and potentially criminal — effort at “team bonding.”

A reported 10 to 18 members of the Grosse Ile High School boy’s lacrosse team could face animal cruelty charges for the slaying of a vertebrate, per Michigan law, according to a Washington Post report.

The players allegedly killed the animal away from school grounds and smeared its blood on their faces before a game. The sickening plot failed, as the team went out and lost 13-6 to a rival.

“In cases involving these circumstances, our first priority is to ensure that law enforcement has access to the information it needs to conduct its investigation,” said Grosse Ile Superintendent Joanne Lelekatch in a statement announcing the season has been put on hold. “… Once law enforcement has completed its investigation, we will be in a position to assess the facts and circumstances and, if necessary, apply our student or athletic handbooks.”

Grosse Ile resident Michael Goddard applauded the decision, referring to the act as “serial killer kind of stuff.” That’s arguably an apt description.

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