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Former Eagle says teammates will understand Sam Bradford’s holdout


Jeremiah Trotter knows a thing or two about having a contract dispute become a major topic of conversation, as it occurred between him and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2002, so he knows what Sam Bradford is going through right now.

In light of his unique perspective, Trotter believes Bradford’s teammates will understand why he did what he did, which included demanding a trade over unhappiness that the team traded up in the 2016 NFL Draft to select Carson Wentz with the second-overall pick.

Moreover, Trotter said that people outside an NFL locker room fail to realize is that players recognize how the business side of things can sometimes get messy and that teammates understand when a particular player gets embroiled in a contract issue.

“It doesn’t,” Trotter said Wednesday when asked if Bradford demanding a trade will have an adverse impact in the locker room, via NJ Advanced Media’s Matt Lombardo. “The players understand. Especially the older ones, they understand that it’s a business. You have two sides. You have the football side and the business side. They understand that sometimes in business, these things happen.”

Bradford officially returned to the Eagles facility for offseason workouts on Monday, ending what was a brief, but noteworthy, holdout. Trotter believes that Bradford’s teammates won’t give him the cold shoulder because of his trade demands.

“We understand that you have to do what’s best for you,” he said. “… When he came back, I don’t think there were any hard feelings.”

Trotter added that Bradford shouldn’t feel the need to apologize, either.

“He doesn’t owe anyone anything,” Trotter said. “Like I said earlier, teammates understand. They want what’s best for the player. Things like that happen. He came back the other day. There’s no hard feelings. It’s just about getting back to work.”

Things between Bradford and Eagles obviously got real ugly real fast. But with him taking his medicine and returning to the fold, perhaps it’s possible for the Eagles to put the bad situation in the past. This of course will be helped if Bradford is welcomed by his teammates with open arms.

Whether or not he’s the team’s starting quarterback come September, however, is another story entirely.