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Jets owner still expects Ryan Fitzpatrick to be team’s starting QB


Despite the fact that the team and Ryan Fitzpatrick are embroiled in an embittered stalemate over a new contract, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson nevertheless expects to see the quarterback under center next season.

Further, Johnson insisted even though the team’s organized team activities start later this month, there’s no reason to panic at this stage, pointing out there’s plenty of time to iron things out and come to a mutually satisfying deal with the free agent quarterback.

“By training camp, you’ve really got to have to have your quarterback in there,” he told reporters Tuesday at a charity event in Manhattan, via’s Darryl Slater. “No news to report [with Fitzpatrick]. We’ve got some time here. Training camp is not for another couple months. I don’t think there’s any real urgency at this point. I never worry. I’m not frustrated, and I don’t worry. Worrying is a waste of time.”

Fitzpatrick apparently wants to be paid on-par with top-tier quarterbacks in the league and the Jets are unwilling to accommodate that demand — the team reportedly has offered him between $7 and $8 million — so the waiting game has persisted.

“I’m expecting, but until both sides come together, you’re not going to have a deal,” Johnson said. “I can’t go into exactly what we’re doing [with Fitzpatrick talks], but nothing really new to report. Until we get a deal, if we get a deal, we’re not going to have anything to do.”

Johnson add he believes the parties haven’t reached a point of no return and doesn’t expect any bad blood between the team and Fitzpatrick should they ultimately be able to hammer out a deal.

“No, we don’t have friction,” he said. “We don’t worry. We’re not frustrated. We don’t have any lingering. We don’t linger. We’ve got to get ready to go.”

Some of Fitzpatrick’s teammates have come out in support of him rejoining the team, and despite reports that Fitzpatrick was mulling retirement —  as was perhaps the case for another NFL quarterback — it appears that the 33-year-old signal-caller still has a strong desire to continue playing football.