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Donald Trump once predicted Stephen Strasburg would leave Nationals


Donald Trump is of course well known for espousing his opinions on social media. Sometimes, tweets and such published by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, among other public comments, come in the form of a hot sports take.

Such was the case in October of 2012, when Trump predicted via tweets the Washington Nationals’ decision to shut down Stephen Strasburg during the 2012 season once he reached his 160-inning limit would lead to him leaving the team in free agency.

Strasburg was coming off Tommy John surgery and the Nationals had set the 160-inning limit for the pitcher during spring training. Once Strasburgh hit 159 1/3 innings, the Nationals shut him down, leading to Trump to call out the ball club.

Strasburg of course put pen to paper and signed a seven-year, $175 million deal with the Nationals, meaning Trump’s prediction proved to be inaccurate.

Although it warrants pointing out — in fairness to Mr. Trump — that the Nationals’ decision to shut down Strasburg with 24 games remaining on the regular season schedule and the Nationals in control of the National League East was the source of great controversy. The Nationals later lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in its NL division series, leaving many to question the wisdom of shutting down the team’s ace.

But in the end, it looks like it was the correct decision in the long run. Strasburg has continued to be a great pitcher and the Nationals have locked him up for another seven years, presumably much to Trump’s chagrin … if he even recalls issuing the tweets in the first place.

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