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Brock Osweiler likens new offense to learning French ‘in front of 75,000 people’


Brock Osweiler was lured away from the Denver Broncos courtesy of a four-year, $72 million contract from the Houston Texans. Now the onus is on the 25-year-old quarterback to learn a new offense and prove he’s worth the megadeal he signed.

But adapting to a new offensive system and philosophies isn’t without its challenges, Osweiler noted. In fact, he had a great line about the difficulties inherent to mastering a new offense by likening it to learning French in front of 75,000 people.

“You know, it’s fun,” Osweiler said recently at the Houston Texans’ Charity Golf Classic, via ESPN’s Tania Ganguli. “It’s hard to judge that progress because we haven’t hit the practice field and gone against a defense. It’s like you speak Spanish your whole life and then they tell you to go learn French and do it in front of 75,000 people.”

Osweiler praised the Texans for making additional free agent moves after he signed with the team, headlined by bringing in running back Lamar Miller and guard Jeff Allen.

Further bolstering the talent the Texans have surrounded Osweiler with came via the draft, with the additions of receivers Will Fuller as and Braxton Miller, not to mention running back Tyler Ervin, all players known for their speed.

“What quarterback doesn’t like some speed on the outside?” he said. “Very exciting draft, but it was an exciting draft as a whole. Everybody we took I think will help this football team somewhere. As coaches say, it’s about finding your role. We’re coming together as a team.”

The pressure is on Osweiler — a relatively unproven commodity at the quarterback position in many respects — to prove he deserves to be paid a salary that pays him $18 million next season. While that isn’t in the range of Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and the handful of other elite quarterbacks as it relates to salary, it puts him well in the upper-tier. Now it’s time for him to show he belongs.

At least he’s acclimated himself to Texas fashion, it seems.

That’s something.