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Yasiel Puig hangs off edge of Toronto’s CN Tower (pics)


Yasiel Puig probably caused a lot of Los Angeles Dodgers fans to experience a sensation similar to vertigo when he posted a photograph of himself hanging off the CN Tower in Toronto.

The Dodgers slugger was of course securely harnessed but such a stunt still likely caused the hearts of Dodgers brass to skip a beat or two.

The tweet also spawned another fantastic Puig-esque hashtag, #PuigNotScared,” to go along with #PuigYourFriend and #PuigHungry, both of which were spawned recently with his always-entertaining social media musings.

A photo posted by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on

Puig clearly is enjoying everything Canada has to offer ahead of the Dodgers’ three-game set against the Toronto Blue Jays that begins Friday. Along with teammate Adrian Gonzalez, Puig enjoyed a fishing outing on the Dodgers’ day off Thursday, taking to Twitter to show off their impressive catches.

All told, quite the eventful couple of days.