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Odd mouthguard spawns Brett Lawrie’s ‘Canadian Vampire’ nickname


Chicago White Sox second baseman Brett Lawrie has earned himself a new nickname due to the unique appearance of the mouthguard:

Canadian Vampire.

Lawrie, who hails from Langley, Canada, had the new moniker bestowed upon him by White Sox broadcaster Jason Benetti, according to Cut4. And one look at the mouthpiece showcases why the nickname is so apropos.

It’s noted in the report that Lawrie’s OPS is 60 points higher once the sun sets, lending whimsical credence to the notion that he is a creature of the night.

Interestingly, a tweet from Lawrie on Thursday more or less refutes the possibility that he is a fang-baring member of the undead.

No self-respecting vampire — even a Canadian one — would eat Tropical Skittles. Maybe Tart-N-Tangy. Wild Berry, perhaps.