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Roger Goodell sent brownies to Eli Apple’s mother


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell — and the league he oversees — may have their fair share of critics, but one person who criticized a certain aspect of the 2016 NFL Draft is getting their just desserts … literally.

Annie Apple, the mother of New York Giants rookie cornerback Eli Apple, bemoaned in a write-up for Sports Illustrated how there were a disappointing lack of sweet treats at the draft while detailing her experiences at the event.

“There was a wonderful welcome reception for the family, though whomever planned the event forgot to include desserts,” she wrote in the piece, via ESPN. “This is what happens when skinny women rule the world: they forget the chocolate. Clearly the commissioner owes me a brownie.”

Well, Goodell somehow must have caught wind of Apple’s complaint and did his best on Friday to rectify the situation.

“Just a head’s up to be on the look out for a delivery of brownies today,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email to Tim Apple, Annie’s husband and former five star chef. “The Commissioner was aware of Annie’s disappointment in the lack of desserts at the Draft in Chicago and wanted to make up for it.

“We’ve enjoyed reading and watching Annie as she becomes a media star. Hope you all have a good Mother’s Day Weekend.”

Well, isn’t that sweet? And the kindhearted gesture certainly plays against Goodell’s somewhat stoic persona. Well, outside from all the hugging he does with players at the draft.

The Apple family had another reason to be happy Friday, as Eli signed his rookie contract with the Giants after being selected tenth-overall by the team.

And now they have some brownies, courtesy of the Commish, to celebrate the occasion.